The Beauties of Nature

I decided to title this piece, The Beauties in Nature. I thought deeply about this piece and its meaning to me. I was really focused on painting these animals/insects that I would contrast with an abstract painting of nature. I think a lot of times people will take these beautiful pictures of landscapes and nature without thinking about some of the beautiful creatures within it. That being said I made these creatures more detailed than the background to emphasize on them. I threw in a couple detailed things like the dandelion, the flower, and the log which I felt helped to give the viewer the assumption that the animals are part of this landscape without actually being attached to the canvas. I really wanted them to float freely and be able to twist and turn as if interacting with the background. The final presentation was really what I had imagined. Deciding to drill several holes into the white wood panel so that I could really play around with the animals positions was super helpful to completing it the way I wanted. As I had wanted to continue in each piece, I had added a lot of drips into the background and the strong contrast between that and the animals, in my opinion, turned out to be very successful.



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