Grandma and Great-Grandpa

Grandma and Great-Grandpa, 16×20, Oil on canvas. 2019.

This is one of my favorite pieces I did this summer working on my Research Grant through St. Norbert College. After carefully reviewing images of my family and scanning them in to enhance details that weren’t as visible on the photo itself, I was very happy with the end result of this piece.

The image above shows an in-progress photo where I really started to dive deep into the process of creating the clothing details.

I chose a photo of my grandma as a baby being held by her father (who is my great-grandpa). I was intrigued by the highlights of his shirt in contrast with the intense folds in the clothes of both figures. I really wanted to make those stand out within the piece so that it would compliment the simplistic backgrounds which I use throughout most of my pieces.

Here is a closeup of the hands. You can see a mixture of contrast in color value as well as the use of some texture in the oil paint.

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