Gecko Expressions

My fourth piece came to mind while I was drawing my geckos in a more cartoon-like way. I really liked the sketch I came up with so I decided to draw all three of my geckos in the same style. Afterwards I wanted to paint them as a mini series. My geckos already have some pretty unique colors so I wanted to keep them the same for the painting. This piece was meant to be much different in that I would continue to use the drips, but rather than continue going extremely detailed, I wanted to draw my animals as a cartoon as a way to break from the hyperrealism. The most difficult part for me in this series was trying to really make these solid black lines clean and neat. I think for the most part I was successful in that area, but would have liked it to be even cleaner. The drips became more of an abstract application of greens and yellows using my palette knife. It gave the same, similar effect of the drips, with a slightly different approach. As I finished one of them, I also had some 4 by 4 inch canvases I wanted to put some paint on so I used my palette knife again to create a unique abstraction using the leaf colors as well as the backgrounds colors for each piece. I was super happy with how those turned out in contrast to the gecko paintings and I loved the solid background colors so I decided to do another set of smaller ones. These ones were the colors of each of their skin. All together I was very pleased with the final presentation. This was a very exciting way to still be able to create a high contrast without such detail.


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