Leopard Gecko Water Color Piece

For the assignment of Large Work out of Smaller Parts, I decided to create a large scale watercolor piece. With the interests I have gotten from my pets, more specifically my geckos, I wanted to continue down this road of painting them but at a larger, more impacting scale. I took a creature the size of my hand and enlarge it to an 11 foot piece of art.


In this process, like I said, I used watercolor. This was something that I wanted to do for two reasons. One was to get this sort of multicolored, flowing effect that watercolor is able to achieve. Secondly I wanted to create something that you don’t usually see in art, a watercolor piece at such a large scale. I was very pleased with the look that the watercolor gave this piece and as I went along I wanted that flowing, sort of chaotic look to be more prominent as it shows a side of the geckos that exists. To show that I did a sort of scribbled technique along the head and body. Also incorporated in the process is some acrylic paint. I used this to give the background of each separate piece a solid black color to contrast the chaotic emotion and color of the gecko.

Leopard geckos are very interesting creatures and are very unique in a variety of ways. No two geckos are alike and every time one sheds, its pattern looks a little bit different then it did before. There are endless patterns, color pallets, designs, shapes, and sizes and as I have been experimenting with painting these geckos, I have opened up to more and more mediums and styles of work. My goal is to really continue to create art by making leopard geckos and even continue into using my other pets for inspiration. I really feel that this piece has opened my mind and started a new style for me.

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