Digital Identity

The inspiration for the work is digital identity. When I think of digital identity I immediately think of my art page on Facebook. I typically use social media for my art work not only to show to the world, but to also sell and get commissions. In this painting to show my true digital identity I choose this path of simplicity by painting simple icons and apps that I use. To tie in this sense of personality I decided to add my favorite colors and to also create the piece in a flowing, more artistic way as art is very important to me both digitally and in the real world. For my face and facial features, I decided to create it with a grayscale sort of tone. As my piece is thought out to be, my whole idea behind the grayscale was to sort of push away from the “selfie” lifestyle and think about the personality of the person, rather than the looks. This brings the viewer to look at the apps and icons in which my artistic hair contains and to think about their own personal digital identity and others digital identities versus the way they or someone else may be in person. To get into this painting more I researched this topic by really just digging into my own digital profiles and looking deeper into what I post. I looked at pictures and reflected on myself and created this piece that really shows who I am on Facebook, Instagram, and even when I am e-mailing someone. When I started the piece I really wasn’t confident and didn’t think it would turn out but in the end I am very happy with this idea and how it turned out as I think it created this balance and unity, as well as contrast to the piece.

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