My final piece was another mini series of illustrative animals. Since my family recently adopted two bunnies, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make some more cartoon-like pieces. Here I was thinking about grass rather than leaves, so I used a lot of water and acrylic paint to make the drips for the background to represent the grass. After applying the paint and water I hung it on the wall while still wet to get them to run down one side. Then I waited a little while, flipped it over, and repeated with the water and paint. They turned out really interesting after being dried completely. Since the bunnies were originally grown up together and very noticeably have a strong relationship with one another I wanted them to face each other when hanging on the wall to sort of give this sense of connection between the two of them. Since they naturally are both mostly white with little bits of color, I think they turned out contrasting very well with the background.


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